Marriage Preparation Course

This time of engagement is one of discovery and preparation as you build a solid foundation for a marriage that will last a lifetime. Your wedding day is not the end but the beginning of a life-long calling based on your firm and realistic decision to face the joys and sorrows of life together. A decision to enter into married life is a decision which demands generosity, commitment, love and even heroism.

The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is a natural union between a man and a woman in an unbreakable and faithful bond which is open to the creation and care of new life.

To assist you in your preparation for the lifelong vocation of marriage, the Catholic parishes in the area have developed a set of meetings to help you to explore the joys and challenges of marriage as Christ intended it. The meetings will look at such areas as the meaning and purpose of marriage, the gift of sexuality, relationships and natural family planning. The course will also look at the civil (state) requirements for marriage.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?
It is for all who are hoping to marry in a Catholic Church

How long is the course?
The course runs for four weeks, the meetings are on Sunday at 2.30pm on 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th Febuary 2017

Where is the course held?
Marian Room at St Kentigern's Social Centre, Hart Road, Fallowfield, M14 7DW. 0161 224 4466

Do I have to attend all sessions?
Yes, couples are expected to attend all the sessions. If you have a difficulty please see your parish priest.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the course is £50 per couple. Please settle it with your Parish Priest. Once you have booked your place you will receive an email confiring your place. Please bring that confirmation with you to the first meeting. Your parish priest will also be notified.

Is it possible to bring children to the meetings?
The marriage preparation team would strongly urge all participants with children to try to find babysitters.
The content of the course is not always appropriate for children, the environment, with so many unknown faces in a large room can be quite distressing for younger children and the very young can make it difficult for other participants to fully engage in the course which involves listening to talks and engaging in small group discussions.